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If you're looking to enhance and expand your Midwestern sales efforts, you should consider PSR Sales for the following reasons:

About Us

PSR Sales is a professional sales organization comprised of four members covering 12+ states in the greater Midwest. In fact, "PSR" stands for Professional Sales Reps. We serve the farm store, pet, mass merchant, animal health, hardware, and lawn & garden markets.


PSR Sales was founded in 1988 by Gary Skiles and Mike Riffel. Prior to joining forces, Gary owned a farm store in Newton, Iowa and Mike was a Sales Manager for a cattle ear tag manufacturer. Naturally, the ear tag product line was the first manufacturer that they represented, and one we still represent today. In addition, Gary's extensive contacts within the farm store industry served them well.

In 1998, they merged with Ryton Sales & Marketing and added John Henry to the team. The Manufacturers that John represented were a perfect fit for the existing product lines that PSR represented. In addition, adding John to the team allowed PSR to focus on a more concentrated geograhpic area providing better service to customers.

In 2004, Doug Tvedt and Scott Ellison joined the team. Both brought expertise in different market segments and were a key part of PSR's succession strategy.

Jim Schepman joined the PSR Sales team in 2011. He brought 20+ years of sales experience and allowed us to expand into four additional Eastern Midwest states.

Today, both Gary & Mike are retired. We appreciate all the hardwork they did to build this business and wish them only the best in their retirements.

Additional Info

PSR Sales is a member in good standing with Manufacturers & Agents National Association (MANA). MANA's mission is to promote and improve the Rep/Principal (Manufacturer) method of sales and marketing. The educational opportunities and tools they offer advances the professionalism of independent Reps, like PSR Sales. To learn more about Reps and how to work with them, please visit the MANA website.